Not My Morning

It has been one of those mornings.

I woke up early this morning to go jogging before I went to work. But it was raining. So jogging was out. I showered, dressed, threw a load of laundry in the washer and headed out the door with plenty of time to spare before work.

Unfortunately, I left the windows open in our truck all night, so the seats were all wet. I went back inside, grabbed a towel to sit on, and returned to the car. I slid into the driver’s seat and looked down at my pants. There was some type of black residue all over my pants. My khaki pants. I sighed. No time to change, and nothing to change into anyways as I had thrown my jeans into the washer.

I grabbed the steering wheel, then pulled my hand back and looked at my fingers: covered in the same black residue. The steering wheel must have gotten wet and whatever was on it was rubbing off all over me. I would just have to wash my hands (and my pants off) when I got to work. It was getting late.

I started off to work in the rain with no windshield wipers, black khaki pants, wet seats, and sticky hands. I was halfway there when I saw it– “road contstruction ahead.” Uh oh. I was nearing the bridge over the Mississippi River that gets me to work. It is the only bridge for miles, and when there’s construction, it’s not pretty. And it’s not like you can just take a back road across the river. I then remembered the construction I had seen on the bridge on my way home from work the night before–3 miles of cars backed up on the other side of the road. I figured I was doomed.

About a half a mile into the traffic I looked at my dash. The Low Fuel light just came on. Great. Our fuel guage is busted and bounces madly between below empty and 1/4 tank, so you never really know how much you have. The guy who loaned it to us for the summer said “you know it needs gas when it starts shaking.” I grew a little nervous.

We weren’t backed up for long, though, so I made it to work only ten minutes late, without running out of gas, and was able to get the stuff off my hands and pants. Yay! It was definitely one of those mornings where you look around and go “this is not my morning!” But days like that are good though, because I once heard someone say “whenever you have a day that’s “not your day,” turn it over to God and make it His day!” So at times like that, I can remember that it wasn’t supposed to be “my day” to begin with, and I can put it back in its rightful hands and trust God with whatever He chooses to do with it:-)

So it hasn’t been my day–but I guess that’s a good thing!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sharon on August 25, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    That’s a good saying–I’m going to remember that one.

    So I guess every day should be “Not my day” 🙂

    Love you!!



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