The Day Kevin Sprained his Wrist

This begins a succession of eventful Days in my last couple of weeks:

We were in the Upper Peninsula doing a missions trip at a Bible camp on Lake Superior. We led a VBS for the kids in the morning and the evening. Our afternoons were free, and one particular day we decided to go “cliff jumping”. I put that in quotations because these weren’t actual cliffs. The were more like 10-20 feet rocks that bordered a waterfall. But we called it cliff jumping. Made us all feel adventurous I think.

Anyway, We loaded in to our vans, drove about two miles from the camp, and parked on the side of the road. We then traipsed through the woods until we reached the waterfall. At this point, we reached the water fall. The trail led almost straight down from there. We hung on to tree roots and made our way down. Once down there, two of the other girls and I hiked up the waterfall a ways to see what we could see. I jumped over rocks, trees, and bushes and felt very wild and daring. Stephen was always worried about me, but I was in my element and was willing to risk injury to enjoy the great outdoors.

After we walked a ways, we headed back to watch the cliff jumping. I chose not to jump as the water was like -30 or something like that. At least, when I put my feet in, they went numb….so…It was cold. I hate cold. I watched from a rock and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Kevin, one of the leaders, nabbed Stephen and took him down another set of falls. They found that if you sat under the falls, it felt like you were getting a massage. After their backs were thoroughly pummeled, they decided to explore down the falls a bit more. There were a lot of large rocks in the water, and they were jumping from one rock to another, when Kevin jumped to a rock that was unstable. It tottered beneath him and he started to fall backwards. He threw out his hand to catch himself but ended up landing his whole body weight on his wrist. Whether it was broken or not, we weren’t sure, but it swelled up and hurt quite badly. With his wrist in such a condition he had to climb back out of the waterfall. Brutal. But he made it. And we were proud of him.

Thankfully, we found later that it was only sprained:-)


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