I Can Run

For those of you who’ve known me over the last 11 years, you probably all know that I have a back condition. This condition (ask Gramps about it it you’re curious, he’s done extensive research;-) has limited what I have been able to do physically, athletically, etc. One of the things I’ve never really been able to do is run. Ideally, I should be able to run, but if I’ve been overworking my back or have reinjured it, running isn’t an option. This has been the majority of the last 11 years. My much-used quote from Sense and Sensibility was Margaret saying that “I’m not supposed to run!”

However, the last two years my back has been getting stronger and stronger! This summer I finally was to the point where I thought I could probably pick up running and see how my back handled it. I love to run, so this was very exciting for me. Stephen and I worked on it together. He helped me know how to stretch and best train, etc. He also helped me deal with my asthma and learn how to stretch out my lungs (something I’ve never had to do before!).

And I did run this summer! The most I ran was 3/8 of a mile, which was a huge feat for me! It was by FAR fhe most I had ever run before, and the only thing that held me back was my asthma! My back didn’t even hurt!! I wondered if I would be able to run further if it wasn’t so incredibly humid and hot.

So once we got back to Chicago, I have started running over at the gym on their indoor track. On Tuesday I ran without heat and humidity, and I shocked myself by running an entire mile with considerable ease!!! And then this morning–I ran a mile and a lap!!! Again, the only reason I couldn’t keep going was because I couldn’t breathe, but my back still doesn’t even hurt!

Pretty exciting, I know. I thought you would all enjoy hearing about it:-)


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  1. Posted by Sharon on October 2, 2007 at 12:31 am

    Praise the Lord! He is good! And a Happy D-Day to you! šŸ™‚



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