You should all add my blog to that Google alert system

I am not a consistent blogger. It’s true. I always have so many things to blog about and then…no time to blog them. *sigh* Brother-in-law and Sister always get on my case about it, so I say to you all, if you want to keep up with my blog, you should probably install that cool Google thing where it lets you know if I ever do update my blog (you know, once a month or so). I don’t know how to do it, though, ask my Brothers.

A number of Very Interesting things have happened since we returned to Chicago, and it made me realize that I really need to be writing all this down. Like the fire in our building two weeks ago and how Stephen saved the day. Or the drug-dealing, prostitute hiring men in the apartment down the hall and how we might be on their hit list. Or just funny things like how rude Chicago people can be to a person. We have lots of stories about that. Excitement on the CTA or around campus, etc. Much happens here that would make great stories. So I think I’m going to make myself make time to write what I have named The Chicago Fun Times. If not for anyone else’s interest, at least for our own and our family’s. Maybe I’ll post them here, too. When I write them.


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