The Elevator Broke Again…with Me In It.

Yes, it’s true. The second elevator was fixed just this morning, and it was wonderful to have two elevators running again.

But alas. On my way to work this evening, I boarded that same elevator with an elderly couple. They were going to the second floor, while I was going to the Lobby. At the second floor, we waited for the door to open, and it did…slowly…about 18 inches, and then stopped.

Odd. I thought. Why is the elevator door taking so long to open?

Then the elderly gentleman started trying to pry the door open with his arm and managed to get it to open half way. I then realized that this elevator wasn’t going anywhere.

At least the door opened partially! I thought, warily stepping off of the elevator and pondering whether I should wait for the other one or take the stairs with my suitcase.

It was an eerie feeling, standing there looking at an elevator with its doors half open. But soon the second one came and we hopped on hoping it, too, wouldn’t fail us. Once we reached the lobby I had the pleasure of sharing the news with the security guard that our elevator was broken yet again. She did NOT look thrilled.

What is going on?!


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