Writing Again

I am entering the annual Jerry Jenkins writing contest here on campus. I’ve seen it in years past and always just sighed and said, “I’d never win anyway.” That has been my stance on numerous things I have wanted to do–like join the chorale (“I wouldn’t get in anyway”), and I therefore have not done them.


If I don’t try, what fun is that? I just need to suck up to the fact that yes, I might get rejected. But I might not! And with this writing contest, even if I don’t win, I am invited to a luncheon with Jerry Jenkins. Not that I like his “Left Behind” series, but that’s still pretty cool! And if I did win, the prize is a fairly substantial amount of cash. We could always use that.

And so, readers, I shall write again in order to enter this contest. Most of my problem has been lack of creative thought or ideas. One cannot write without inspiration. So after some prayer, I began thinking of things that had happened in my past that would meet the qualifications of the contest. I always hear my mom’s voice in my head “Write about something you know!” when I write now, and I knew if my story was going to be good, it had to be something I have had experience with. So I thought. And thought. And all of a sudden, I was inspired about a story that happened to me many years ago. And I’m having a blast writing it! I don’t care whether I win or not anymore, I am just enjoying the opportunity. And besides, Jerry Jenkins will at least be reading my very own story–wow! How cool is that!

I’ll keep you posted.


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