The Most Miserable Birthday Ever

I finally had my real birthday, the 23rd of November, and I am 22 years old. Unfortunately, that birthday was fairly miserable for me. Wednesday night, my throat began to itch, and despite my valiant attempts at fighting off the inevitable, a cold ensued. I was sick for Thanksgiving and my birthday, and I’m still sick actually. My head felt like it weighed about a million pounds, and I ran a fever, but I tried my hardest to be sociable.

My mom’s sister and her kids always spend Thanksgiving with us, and we had a blast, as usual. We played all sorts of games like Set, Duckey Wuckey, Mafia, Coke, Counter Coke, etc. We reminisced about days gone by and shared Thanksgiving and prayers with one another. It was a very nice day.

My birthday was the next day, and I felt even sicker than I had the day before. I spent most of the afternoon laying on the couch, watching movies or trying to nap with little Ernie, who was awfully snuggleable.
My nose was too plugged to sleep though. I was actually hungry by the time my birthday dinner came around, and my mom made the best meal ever! I had two helpings of everything I could get my hands on. Then I blew out my candles and ate my cake and opened presents! I got a bed skirt for my bed (yay for not having to look at ugly shoes under the bed anymore!), and LOTS of new musics!

Yes, I felt pretty awful on my birthday, but it was still fun to be home, see my family, and enjoy one of my mom’s meals:-) Thanks guys, I love you!


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