The Christmas Party!

We went to the funnest Christmas party ever on Saturday! Our friends, Skip and Cassidy, have friends who rent out the Museum of Science and Industry every year for this huge Christmas party, and they invited us along! The entire thing was open and FREE and they were having food catered in!

Now, the Museum of Science and Industry is my personal favorite museum. Stephen’s favorite is the Field Museum. He says it’s because the Field Museum is more geared toward grown ups and the MofSI is geared more for kids…I don’t disagree with him. I love it!

Anyway, everyone else in my group seemed more excited about the food than the museum itself, which was hard for me to understand. I was bursting at the seams to show them all around! (Skip and Cass had never been there) While we ate, I listed off all of the exhibits (with my recommendations), and we got a good idea of where to go and in what order. Our first priority was the U505 submarine! This exhibit usually costs moneys, and since we are so cheap we only go on free day, we never pay extra for these exhibits. But tonight it was free, so we hurried over to explore it. It seemed to me that I had almost gone into it when I was younger and came with my family, but I did not for two reasons: 1)It was a boat, and even though it wasn’t on water, I was still terrified. 2)It is actually quite small on the interior and when you cram a tour of 20 people in there, one could get quite claustrophobic, which I am (My husband constantly reminds me that I live in fear. I’m afraid I do). Our tour turned out to be us and 5 other people–quite comfortable!
Here’s Cass and I in front of the Sub. Unfortunately, you can’t really see us or the sub, but none of the pictures turned out because of the lighting:-(Joey–help?) Unfortunately, Cass was looking at the wrong camera:-\

This one just cracks me up. Believe it or not, it was NOT staged!

So we toured the U505 and it was AWESOME! (Dad you would have loved it) She even let us take pictures because she believed we wouldn’t post them on ebay and sell them. We will not.

Thumbs up for the sub! (I am sitting down, because I was very weary)

While we were looking at the sleeping quarters, our guide said “And this grate I am standing over, please be careful if you walk across it, because if you lose anything like your keys down it, it is gone forever.”
I looked at Stephen and raised my eyebrows in warning. He looked back at me and his face went pale.

“Stephen, stop it.” I said, convinced I knew what he was doing. “I know you did not drop your keys down there.” He always tries to trick me like that.

Stephen shook his head with wide eyes. “No…my car keys…they’re in my coat.”

Now it was my turn to pale. “And your coat is…”

“In the trunk of the car” he finished. We had parked in the building and so had thrown all coats, purses, and apparently car keys, in to our car trunk.
I, of course, did not have mine. Even if I did, they would have been in the trunk, too, in my purse.

It was at this point that Cass looked over at me. “Are you alright?” She asked.

I kind of started laughing nervously. “The car keys are in the trunk,” I informed them.
They optimistically informed us that we’d find a way. They were AAA members, or our neighbor could break in to our apartment and get our spare set of keys (that’s disturbing, I know). We decided we’d figure it out later and continued our tour of the museum.

Here I am in one of my favorite exhibits–the farm one. I’m driving a combine:-)

We saw all the best exhibits and then, by 10 decided it was time to head out.

“Let’s get some pictures,” I suggested. Stephen reached in his pocket for the camera, and pulled out…the car keys! His mouth dropped. “Guys, it’s the keys! I must have checked my pockets a dozen times!”

He concluded that the camera must have been hiding them. I concluded that God put them there. All in all, it was a fantastic night, and we had a blast with our friend Skip and Cassidy. Yay, for Christmas parties!


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