Christmas Fun

Stephen and I celebrated our own personal Christmas on Saturday–all day. It was fantastic! Stephen ran off as soon as we woke up to “run some errands” and I stayed home and made biscuits and gravy. After our brunch, we tackled the house cleaning and laundry and then sat down in front of the fireplace to open presents.

We each had three to open, and we videotaped the whole thing, thus forgetting to take any pictures. I have therefore included a snippet of our Christmas video for your enjoyment. We think it’s pretty funny and will probably look back and laugh at how poor we were.

Apart from the socks, I gave Stephen a book that he wanted, and the Newsies soundtrack. He listened to it all day the last two days. Stephen gave me two fantastic books, Treasuring God in our Traditions, Noel Piper, and Answers to Prayer, the prayer journal of George Muller. He also gave me Elf, and another present has yet to arrive, so I’m still in suspense on that one.

We then went to Target to see if we could find a new bookshelf for our hallway, but to no avail. We then picked up a pizza on the way home and enjoyed eating it while reminiscing about days gone by. Then we made carmel corn and called Skip and Cassidy to play games for the rest of the evening. Fun was had by all:-)


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