Winter Wonderland

We have been getting a few inches of snow every 2-3 days for the last couple of weeks. And if it isn’t snow, it’s rain. Since the polar ice caps are melting, there is much more moisture in the air than usual, so it is manifesting itself in forms of snow and rain here in Chicago. I prefer the snow to the rain, personally. Rain in winter makes me seriously nervous. You never know when it’s going to freeze.

At any rate, we had almost 24 hours of snow over the weekend, and when we woke up Sunday morning, there was a glorious sight to behold. Somewhere around a foot of snow had accumulated during the night, and the trees and cars were covered in it. I include some pictures for my homesick Texas Sister’s sake.

It took Stephen 20 minutes to clean off our car for church, and when we arrived to church, the alley in which we park had not been plowed. We got in okay, but I was pretty sure getting out would be a problem. Another women was already stuck in the lot trying to park. Stephen went over to help and it took three guys 20 minutes to get her unstuck. Some serious snow.

When we left church, we paired up with our new friends (who had parked next to us and helped get the lady unstuck) to make sure we both got out. They dug us out and then the husband and another gentleman who found us pushed while Stephen threw the car into reverse. We were out within minutes, and our friends fared much better.

Thankfully Chicago’s street department does an AMAZING job of clearing the streets, so after we got out of that alley, we were home free. At least snow is beautiful:-)

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  1. Posted by Jenna on December 17, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    I’m jealous of all your snow! Have you made any snow angels yet? Joey and I are SO looking forward to the winter next week!


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