Christmas with the Willcox Clan

We celebrated Christmas with Stephen’s family on Christmas day. We were invited to his parents house for a Christmas Eve brunch, along with the rest of the family, and it was great to get together again! The house was abuzz with excited chatter, babies cooing, and children playing. Brunch was great, too, Mom.

Christmas morning we celebrated with Sam and Stephanie and their two little ones. We woke up bright and early with them and were there for the unveiling of the Big Gift–a parakeet for the boys! They had been begging for one. Petey is growing quite comfortable with his new surroundings. Friedrich helped him settle in, of course. We then spent the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon playing with all the cool toys the boys got and watching Ratatouille. Then we headed over the Milt and Lisa’s for the Big Christmas Shindig.

There were a lot of us there. I lost count at 15. We ate a wonderful Christmas dinner and then dug into our presents. I got two sweet soundtracks I had wanted, plus the new Adventures in Odyssey trivia game! I was stoked! Stephen got the Works of Jonathan Edwards and a Systematic Theology book. He was also quite thrilled:-) All in all, it was a great day of fun, fellowship, and giving. I love giving to people, seeing their faces, and just being together. I love the picture of how much Christ gave to us, and how much He loves to give us good gifts and see our smiling faces! If we love to give good gifts to our family, how much more does He love to lavish us with good gifts! This is just another reason why I love Christmas!

Some snapshots from the Festivities:

Mom bought twelve bottles of sparkling grape juice! Anita and I were in heaven!

My nephew, Noah, and his Grandpa

Stephanie with Petey

Man, I was so excited about this game! Like a little kid.


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