Great Things=Small Packages

It has often been said that great things come in small packages (my mom for example). As I was meditating on this today, I realized just how true that is. Our very own Lord humbled Himself and came down to earth 2000+ years ago as a tiny infant. What a great thing that was! This fact was once again proved true last night when we celebrated Christmas with the Laird family. It was fantastic just to be all under one roof again, and we were anxiously awaiting the chaos/fun that would ensue in the forthcoming days.

Last night we celebrated “Family Christmas,” pretty much the best time of the year. We ate a fantastic meal cooked by my very own mother, then turned on Christmas music and distributed the gifts. Once they were all allotted, we decided we’d open the ones from the Grandparents first and then call them to tell them how awesome they were. We are usually with them for Christmas, but alas, this year it was not to be.
Since The Kid had already been to the Grandparents and opened his, the family chose me to open my gift first. I pulled a small box off the top of the stack and tore it open. It was a white cardboard box, and on the front it said “iPod.” This can’t really be an iPod, I thought to myself. They must have just wrapped it in an iPod box. So I popped it open to see what was in it. And in it was…an IPOD!!!! I was so shocked, I looked up at everyone and just said “I….I….I…I…” to which everyone started laughing. Frustrated that I couldn’t get any thoughts out of my mouth, I finally just closed it and asked something dumb like “Is this real?” I was so dumbfounded because just the day before, when all my sisters-in-law were carrying around their little iPod nanos with music and videos on them, I was thinking to myself how outdated Stephen and I are that, not only do we not own any of this stuff, I barely know how to use it. And I had just been thinking how wonderful it might be to have one when I go running.

My shock and awe upon opening my iPod

Upon opening the rest of my gifts, I found an iPod holder that attaches to my arm and this sweet chip that attaches to my iPod and goes in my shoe. Get this–the chip tells me how long I’ve been running, how far I’ve run, how much longer I have to go before I reach my goal, how many calories I’ve burned, and a number of other things while it plays inspirational music to motivate me to work out more. Amazing.

So anyways, I’ve determined that it is indeed true that great things come in small packages, like my sweet new iPod. Now I just have to figure out how to use it.


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  1. Posted by Jenna on December 28, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    amazing, sister, amazing. now you are too cool for school.


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