Jerry Jenkins Responds

After a month of waiting to hear back from Jerry Jenkins about Friedrich’s Bill, I gave up. I went ahead and sent the letter without his signature on it, rather disappointed that my attempts had failed, but more so that he hadn’t even gotten back to me as he said he would.

But all of that changed yesterday.

Stephen went to get the mail and called me from his cell phone. “I have got big news,” he said, excitedly.

“What??” I asked, hoping maybe someone gave us a million dollars.

“I just got the mail, and you have a large package of something–“

“That would be my Meleluca from Sister” I said, pleased it had come in. I was wondering if my new Sense and Sensibility had come in, too.

“–and you have a letter from The Jenkins Companies.”

My heart practically stopped. The Jenkins Companies? The one I had been waiting for?! “Run home as fast as you can!” I said and quickly hung up to ponder what it could be.

By the time Stephen arrived home, I had convinced myself it was a letter explaining that he couldn’t sign the Bill for some reason or another. But I secretly hoped it was the letter, signed by him!

Upon tearing it open, I found that it was indeed the letter.

But it was unsigned.

In confusion, I saw a note written in the right hand corner. This is how it read:

“Ashley- How did it go? What was the response? JJ

Now I was even more confused. Why hadn’t he signed the letter? If he hadn’t–why was he asking how it went? What did this mean?! Perhaps he signed a copy and mailed it straight to Jeff?

I immediately picked up the phone and dialed our RS, Jeff. He answered on the third ring.

“Jeff, this is Ashley Nicole. Do you happen to have a letter from me?”

“Yes, it’s actually on my desk right in front of me,” he responded cheerily.

Pause. “Does it happen to have Jerry Jenkins signature on it?”

Nooooo….do you have one with Jerry Jenkins signature on it?!” Jeff asked, his voice raising with interest.

I explained to him my predicament and that I had a note from Mr. Jenkins following up on the situation. Jeff sounded quite interested.

“Well, if you wanted to follow up with him on that and get back to me…I mean, if he meant to sign the letter, or wanted to…well, that might turn a lot of heads. His signature would carry a lot of weight, you know?”

Yes, I knew. I told him I’d get back to him.

I mulled it over for the rest of the day and called lots of important people to ask advice. I think my dad gave me the soundest advice. He should know, since he’s pretty important himself. I will respond to Mr. Jenkins and ask Jeff to continue running my request through the process. Hopefully Mr. Jenkins made a phone call or wrote a letter to some higher-up to support my request and it will come out at that time.

I’ll keep you posted.


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