Memories of Grandpa

Two years ago today, my grandpa went home to be with the Lord. I was reading Sister’s reminiscent blog in memory of him and began thinking of all the great memories I had. Since many of them are different from hers, I thought I would post some of them.

Some of my favorite memories of our Grandparents Richardson include:
-Going over to their apartment in CR and playing with their “Herbie” car and toy dishes
-Birthday lunches with them at McDonald’s or Taco Bell:-)
-Grandpa’s witty jokes and spunky humor
-I think I asked him every time I saw him to do “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly”
-I remember when they stayed with us while Mom and Dad were in Papua New Guinea. We were about to go somewhere and Grandpa was sitting on Mom and Dad’s bed putting on his shoes. He looked down at his shoe for awhile and finally said “I can’t reach down to tie my shoe,” at which point I gladly volunteered to do it for him:-)
-that was also the time they stayed with us and he had to spank me ’cause I’d been bad. It was so mortifying! And he spanked hard…
-I remember sitting at their table having lunch and asking Grandpa what the French word for this or that random item was:-)
-I never did know which eye to look at when I talked to him (one eye being lazy and all)!
-I loved that, as much as he began struggling with his Parkinson’s, whenever he prayed or sang hymns, he had no trouble speaking or thinking clearly

So many good memories of a wonderful man!


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