May 19, 2008

Day 3

I feel refreshed after a good night of sleep at the Etap hotel in Switzerland. At first I was worried I wouldn’t sleep–my mind was racing! But after about 20 minutes I knocked out. I’m getting more adjusted, I think. It’s so weird, though. It feels weird because it isn’t weird! It’s so similar–but yet not. I don’t even know how to explain it. But the countryside is magnificent! There are trees everywhere and they look different than American trees. The little towns are splashed a long hillsides with their brown and red tile roofs. Ikeas are everywhere. Oh, I forgot to mention our buss–it’s a massive double decker bus with a trailer behind it.
Downstairs there’s a toilet (that we don’t use), a coffee bar, and booths to sit at! (we just stalled going up a hill around a corner…) We’re driving through a town. I’m getting a stiff neck from staring out the window. We’re on our way to Geneva. I’m not sure what we’ll see, but something no doubt. Then we’re staying at a youth hostel.

I can’t sleep. It’s early morning, and I’m so tired, but unable to sleep. Tonight was amazing! We are in Geneva and for dinner we took a tram to a church where we had dinner. They had it decorated with all sorts of Swiss things–flags, cowbells, etc. and a woman was playing an accordion as we came in. We ate Roclette, an amazing Swiss cheese, which we melted and put over a hot potato, and our accordion player yodeled for us! It was wonderful! The people were so friendly. Tomorrow we will see the sights and sing in Calvin’s Cathedral!


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