May 20, 2008

Day 4

The most amazing day ever! I don’t have time to detail it all here, but hopefully tomorrow. Where do I begin? Well, first, a bunch of guys were going around knocking on our doors trying to find American girls to party with–at one am last night! They accidentally got Mr. Ed and he gave them the what’s up, then went down to the desk and reported them. Things should be quieter tonight:-)

We spent the day touring Geneva. We saw Calvin’s Cathedral, chapel, chair, his Bible–I held a real Geneva Bible from 1589! We bought Swiss chocolate, sang downtown and invited people to come to our concert, had a Swiss lunch and hung out with Selma (one of the ladies from our host church). Then we climbed the towers of Calvin’s Cathedral! Incredible! Then we got dressed and headed to the concert…amazing! NEVER had an experience like it! By quarter ’til, the massive cathedral, seating 1,000 people, was packed, and when we began, people had filled every seat (even ours), and were standing and sitting on the floor–for a two hour concert! The people were amazing–singing in the place was out of this world!!!!

At the end of the concert, our CDs were flying off the tables and people were handing us 100 francs and saying “keep the change”! Media photographers were there snapping thousands of pictures for who knows what. They fed us “first and second supper” in the side chapel-which was magnificent! It was fun to speak un petite peu French. I almost cried a couple of times when the words were so meaningful–singing The Elijah’s “And let their hearts again be turned to thee” in what used to be a Reformed cathedral, now an Episcopalian meeting hall in a godless city. That was my prayer not only that evening, but for the rest of the tour.

The Reformation Wall


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  1. Posted by Jenna on July 1, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Sister. I am pleased to hear that the paparazzi wanted pictures of you, it is only unfortunate that you never saw them.

    That cathedral was real pretty. I can’t wait to see your pics and hear your stories this weekend!!


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