May 21, 2008

Day 5

Things that fascinate us on this trip:

  • having to pay for the “water closet”
  • seeing people in fields picking things. By hand.
  • everyone driving small compact cars
  • most people being bilingual
  • the amount of mopeds and bicycles in Geneva
  • bicycles–and cars–driving on sidewalks
  • pedestrians do NOT have the right of way
  • the gracious and helpful people
  • no screens on windows…why???
  • the Alps
  • no air conditioning
  • the price of food…and gas
  • Swiss chocolat
  • seeing George Clooney in a windowfront in a watch advertisement
  • tunnels so long that even Rachel can’t hold her breath all the way through them
  • the trees
  • not having clothes dryers

Some things are awe-some, some things are “you’ve got to be kidding me!” It amazes me how indulgent our culture is. How much we expect–how much we take for granted. Things I’ve never thought about actually being a luxury–not a necessity. I expected to find some of these things in third world countries, but not here. But we really are so pampered as a whole–we don’t even think about it.


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