May 23, 2008

Day 7

We’ve spent the day and night in Salzburg, Austria. Stephen and I split up for the day, and I went to the Sound of Music tour, and Stephen went up to the Salzburg Castle. I am really glad I went on the tour (I would have regretted it if I didn’t), but it was expensive, and a little disappointing, and then I didn’t get to go to the castle after all, and now I’m back, and I have no clue where Stephen is, and I’m starving. We got to see more of the Sound of Music film scenes outside the tour than we did on the tour! But I got a lot of good pictures.

All of us standing in front of the fountain where Julie Andrews “swishes” the water with her hand while singing “I Have Confidence”

Doe, a Deer

Rachel, Shira, and I attempting to do what seven people did for the movie

Somehow we all came down at the exact angle…

Authentic Apple Struedel The lane which Captain von Trapp and the barroness drive down. There should be some “local urchins” hanging from the trees:-)
Jessica and I outside the back and interior of the Von Trapp home (film version)

The Abbey where they married (for the film)

Unfortunately, the clouds were very thick and low today, so we couldn’t see the beautiful mountains! They are finally breaking now and we can see them!


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