Symphony on the Prairie

When I was a little girl, we used to visit Connor Prairie with my grandparents when we went to their house in Carmel.  It has an old-time village where you can make corn husk dolls, dip candles, watch baby chicks hatch, and walk through old houses with actors playing their parts and telling stories of what it used to be like.  In the evening, we would bring blankets and chairs and sit on the prairie to listen to the Indianapolis orchestra play into the night.

Last night we decided to visit the beautiful prairie for the Simply Sinatra concert.  I love Frank Sinatra and was greatly looking forward to this.  A storm was looming, but we were hoping it would miss us.  For dinner, we were going to pick up KFC and bring it out to the concert.  Grandma and I jumped out of the car and ran in to order.  Upon entering the building, we saw a line, and a bunch of employees behind the counter scrambling to fill orders.  We kept hearing them say “oh, we don’t have that” and “it’ll be about ten minutes for the crispy chicken” to the people in front of us and decided it did not bode well for us.  By the time we got out of there, we had three orders that were not what we originally wanted, a free meal, and two large A&W root beers (from the tap). So I was happy.

We made it to Connor Prairie in good time and sat down to eat our dinner.  The concert was soon in full swing (no pun intended).  The vocalist was amazing, sounding impressively like Sinatra, and people were dancing in the front of the stage.  It was one of the funnest concerts I’ve been to. Here are some pictures from our fun evening.

Eating chicken WITH MY FINGERS
Eating chicken WITH MY FINGERS
Grams and Me
Grams and Me
Gramps, Stephen, Me, Grams
Gramps, Stephen, Me, Grams

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