Lazy Summer Afternoons

Today has been just what the doctor ordered.  Not that I’ve been to a doctor lately, thankfully.  But I have been going nonstop for the last couple of weeks and needed to just take a little breath.  A weekend with the Grandparents usually takes care of that.

After sleeping in (thankfully, those construction workers weren’t working today), I had a nice lunch and hopped into my new swimsuit.  It was supposed to storm, but the sun was still out, and it was hot outside, so we decided to jump into the pool while we had the chance.  We grabbed some cold Pepsis and headed out. The water was super warm (Grandpa spoils us), and Stephen and I had a few races and played a few games before we (read: I) were thoroughly worn out.  I hopped in the big pink floaty and Stephen grabbed an inner tube and we bobbed up and down for about an hour just talking and relaxing. 

It was so humid, the camera lens kept fogging up!
It was so humid, the camera lens kept fogging up!
Stephen relaxes
Stephen relaxes

Grandpa came out to issue the “warning” that we had about ten more minutes to enjoy our solitude: the Munchkins were on the way.  Of course, we didn’t mind at all.  Our cousins are 12, 9, and 5 and are totally a blast, so we played all sorts of relays, freeze tag, jumping competitions, etc. for another 3 hours until the Pizza arrived.

Yes, that is Stephen in those innertubes
Yes, that is Stephen in those innertubes

We sat on the screened in porch as the storm rolled in and soon the diving board was nearly obscured by the torrential rain.  Thunder roared and lightning flashed–a terrific storm.  I think it’s still pouring out there.

I have to say.  There are few things more enjoyable than swimming in the sun with a cold pepsi and family all around you.  Yes, this has been a very refreshing weekend.  I think I can go back to work now.


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