Between my internship and my nannying with Will, I work 45 hours between Monday and Thursday.  This results in those four days being very full.  In order to accomplish my morning routine, I have everything timed out perfectly so that I can be leaving the house by 8:05.  Sometimes random things come up that make me scramble more than usual.  Like this morning.

As I was spending some time journaling, I heard Stephen hooting and howling in the kitchen, and I ran in to investigate.  Somehow he had managed to get a coffee granule in his eye and couldn’t seem to get it out.  I told him to blink rapidly.  He did, but nothing happened.  His eye was turning red.  I tried to pry his eye open to see what I could see, but to no avail.  He’s got some strong reflexive eye muscles.  He kept trying to rub it out, but I remembered from an unfortunate childhood incidence (involving some cousins and some sand), that rubbing was NOT the method of preferred choice; flushing was.

This did not settle well with the suffering Stephen.  I had him lean over the sink and attempt to pry his eye open while I sprayed our kitchen hose into his eye.  I felt rather cruel but new this was the best way.  After a few minutes we finally gave up.  The little bugger wasn’t budging.  And so Stephen submitted himself to the trial and continued fixing our coffee.  Although the event set me back some, I made up for it in my travel time to work (I pretty much hit all green lights).  You never do know what your morning will hold.


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  1. Reading this made my eye water all over again 🙂 Ironic heh! I still haven’t gotten it out and I can feel it, it feels weird!

    I would also like to attest that my wife is not exaggerating with her business! It’s much insane, she is the most amazing woman I know and I sure am glad to have her!


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