Our New Computers

I actually own my very own laptop.  I honestly never thought I would. Ever. But when Stephen’s workplace was upgrading to new lappys and selling their two-year old lappys for $80…well, we just had to jump at that.

I’ve been begging for a laptop for…almost three years now.  And for those of you who can do the math, that’s as long as we’ve been married.  But between my husband and computer nerd/awesome genius brothers, laptops were just not as reliable as PCs.

Then my genius brothers all became Mac boys.  Well, two out of three did, at least.  They kept trying to sell me on them, but me+learning new technical systems=slow going.  (I always just had my brothers do everything…I still do. I am constantly calling them “yeah, so there’s this weird error…what do I do?” and then they usually just log in to my computer and fix it for me, because I’m rather worthless in that area. Alas.)

All that to say, these cheap lappys are macbooks, or iBooks, I have no idea what either one means, but they have an apple on them.  That means they’re not Microsoft.  So here’s to learning new things and taking notes in class on a laptop!!!

Let’s see if this thing works…

It works! Although we are currently having issues loading Word or something like that onto mine. Stephen’s works fine:-)


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  1. I would like to add that Joey and Jenna bought our second lappy. So we got two for the price of one! Pretty generous if you ask me!


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