Syllabus Shock

I was sitting in my Apologetics class today and the professor asked “…and I’m assuming all of you are juniors or seniors, correct?”

I nodded mechanically, but then my eyes grew huge and my heart began beating rapidly as this thought blew into my mind: I am a senior!!! I am finally a senior! I wanted to start jumping up and down! Because I have been to so many schools (this is my third), I feel like I’ve been in school forever, when in fact it will only have been 5 1/2 years when I graduate.

I can honestly say, though, that I did not connect the many times I have said “this is my last year” with the status of “Senior.”  There’s something very fulfilling in that title. And I’m glad to have finally acquired it.

Syllabus shock is hitting me with horror, though. I am taking 5 classes and lost count of how many required texts I have to read in their entirety at 13.  Needless, to say, I am a little overwhelmed at the moment, but I know it always wears off after the second week.  I anxiously await that day.


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  1. Yay for being a senior! Kyle is finally a senior (5th year) this year too, and I am so excited for him to get to be done! I’m enjoying reading your blog – hope that you and Stephen are doing well. Love you!


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