My Crazy Dream

I had a very scary dream last night.  I was at my parents’ house and there were a bunch of men that had come to hurt my dad.  At any rate, I couldn’t let them hurt my dad, so I came out of the garage door ready to fight them.

The men had been replaced by girls. They were tall, skinny, and wearing all black.  One of them came up to me and said “We’re going to get your dad,” then turned and walked away. Behind her was a very tall, masculine looking girl in black.

Trying to muster up some type of intimidation factor, I glared at her and said “You think you’re a tough girl, huh?”

She glared back. “Tough guy,” he corrected.  Now that I looked at him…he sorta looked like a boy. A really skinny boy.

Realizing I would have to deal a severe blow to overpower this now male enemy, I wound up for the pitch. I pulled my knee back and with a furious strength, I thrust my knee up and into my opponent’s ribcage.

I came to consciousness sometime between winding up for the pitch and Stephen howling in pain.  Feeling bad for having to stay awake til 12:30 that night to write a paper, he had been attempting to snuggle with me all night. This had apparently been met with annoyed grunts and me shoving him back to his side of the bed. (Two sides to every story: my side is, he kept nearly pushing me off the bed).  At any rate, he had wound up lying next to me on his back. I was on my side, facing him, at the same moment I kneed the guy in my dream, I rammed my knee straight into Stephen’s buttocks.

The poor guy! I was so disoriented from my dream, all I knew was that my dream had carried into real life and I had gotten him pretty hard. Stephen squirmed, wriggled, whined, then finally said “Why are you so mean?” in a pitiful wail. He then promptly moved to the other side of the bed out of reach of his unpredictable wife.


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