I love mornings.  I’ve always loved mornings, but I could never force myself to get up for them.  Something happened this summer, and ever since then, I’ve been getting up around 6 and lovin’ it!

Here’s our typical morning routine: Stephen wakes up between 5:15-5:30, goes out to the living room, gathers his Bible, journal, and study books, and spends some quiet time with the Lord before I wake up. (He also fixes my coffee:-).  At 6:00, he wanders into our room, turns on the lights, gives me a kiss and says “Time to wake up, honey,” to which I always reply “uuugghhhh” and roll over.

A few minutes (and lots of mental coaxing) later, I stumble out of bed and do my physical therapy while trying not to interrupt Stephen’s studies. I’m usually bursting with information from my weird dreams or stuff I learned in class the day before that I haven’t had a chance to tell him yet.

Stephen finishes up, and we sit on the couch and visit for awhile about the day’s upcoming events, share profound thoughts, or my latest favorite items from Ikea that I’m trying to figure out how to buy. Then he takes my hands, and we bow our heads and pray together.  This is what gets me up in the morning!  And then he gathers his stuff and is out the door by 6:40, off to another day’s work. (He works SUPER hard. This week he’s working over 40 hours…and going to school full time. How does he do it, you say? Only by the grace of God!)

And that’s when I grab my coffee, (new!) journal and Bible and have my own alone time with God while the sun rises.  It’s the quietest, sweetest time of my day.  And even though we’re both weary at day’s end, we wouldn’t trade it for the world:-) We’d be weary even if we didn’t get up so early, our schedules are so hectic.  But it’s that time with God, starting off our day with Him, that changes everything. It makes it all worth it!


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