My Birthday Dilemma

All of my growing up years, birthdays were a big deal.  We would get so excited, about a month before our birthdays, we would make  “birthday chain.”  This consisted of multiple colors of construction paper cut into chain links and fastened together with a staple.  Each day, we would rip one off, and the chain got shorter as our Big Day drew nearer.  It was a visible way to stave off our nearly uncontrollable excitement. (I have one sitting on my fireplace now. There are only two links left on it).

We would dream about what gifts we might receive.  As for me, I was always longing for the latest Adventures in Odyssey package I didn’t have yet.  When I got all of those…I started collecting the albums in CD format. (So now you know what to get me, in case you were wondering;-)

Anyway, our excitement was always so intense, Mom and Dad had mercy on us and let us open one present at breakfast before Dad went to work.  This would usually hold us over until Dad FINALLY got home at 5:30.  I remember one particular year, standing in the west room looking out over the darkened road, waiting for a glimpse of Dad’s headlights.  Let the party begin!

Mom would have asked us what we wanted for our “Birthday Meal” and mine was always the same thing.   It evolved slightly over the years, but it usually consisted of the following: steak from our cows out back, Gail Showman’s Party Potatoes, “Laird” Jello, Green beans, Orange Juice Rolls….and chocolate cake with Mom’s famous white frosting!! Everyone else would then clear the table (we were never allowed to do chores on our birthday) and then the cake would be brought out and “Happy Birthday” would be sung, and candles would be (attempted) blown out.  (It never works for me. I have issues with my skills in that area.)

And herein lies my dilemma. I am now married and have no children as yet.  For my birthday dinner, I either have to make it for myself (lame) or we have to go out ($$!).  Even more of a problem, though, is the cake.  I can handle cooking for myself (I do enjoy it, it’s just not the same:-)  but I can’t make MY OWN birthday cake!! That just shouldn’t be done.  In past years, Stephen has gotten my favorite Ben and Jerry’s pint (S’mores), put a candle in it, and we’ve called it good.  While I enjoy this tradition as well…this year I’ve been really wanting that chocolate cake with white frosting. But Stephen doesn’t know how to make it…and I just can’t make it for myself!

So the only thing I have figured out so far is maybe my Mom will make us one for our big Multiple Birthday Bash on Wednesday night (Alex, Dad, me!), even though everyone else wants ice cream cake. Or maybe Grandma will make one this weekend when we go over there. At any rate, there’s the dilema of a Birthday Girl all grown up.  Who’s to make the cake?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sister.

    Gosh, I’ll make you a cake. Dark chocolate with white buttercream sound good, or do you want different frostings?


  2. Posted by Mom on November 21, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Well, if she hadn’t offered, I would have!

    I always had the same dilemma, until you girls got old enough to make me a cake 🙂 So….. someday….. maybe you’ll have daughters to do these things for you.

    At least your b’day’s near thanksgiving, so you’ll probably be around family cooks most years until then.

    Love and happy birthday 2 days early to you!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday.


    I’ve got your cds in the trunk of my car just waiting for you. Can you believe it? The Lord does work miracles!


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