Christmas Joys

We’re at Sam and Steph’s, watching the kids unwrap and exclaim over all their presents. I remarked to Stephen last night that I still miss being a kid at Christmastime.  The excitement, the joy, the wonder over the gifts.  I remember the littlest things giving me the greater happiness.  It all makes me long for the day when we will be able to watch our own children open the gifts we’ve thoughtfully given them and see the joy on their faces.

But this year, Stephen got to surprise me with a pretty big gift and see the expression on my face. We bought…a car!

Our little ’92 Mazda Protege has seen better days, some of them including when the emergency break, headlights, defrost, heat, and air conditioning worked. I’ve formed quite an attachment to it (First Car Syndrome), but in recent days it has gone from inconvenient to life-threatening. The poor little guy simply can’t handle our atrocious winter. We were going to wait until we moved to get the new car we’ve been saving for, but this last week confirmed that, if we valued our lives, we would not be waiting any longer. When the insides of the windows continued to freeze over and I nearly merged into a car on the interstate for lack of ability to see clearly–or at all really–we made the decision.

But the fun thing was I let Stephen do all of it, and he picked it up and brought it home to surprise me! We’d known we wanted a Toyota Corolla for about 3 years, but we had always thought we’d get a silver 2005.

Surprise! Stephen drove up in a black 2009. They were a better deal than the older ones.

Upon driving it, we began exclaiming

“Oh! I can see out ALL the windows! 360*”

“The windshield wipers work!”

“Turn down the heat; it actually gets warm in this car.”

“Woah!! We can see more than ten feet in front of us with these headlights!”

We’re pretty excited to head back to Chicago in it tomorrow:-D Here are some pictures of us in our new car–more of THE car to follow:





3 responses to this post.

  1. VERY sleek and modern! I’m quite pleased with your new car.


  2. Posted by Mom on January 2, 2009 at 2:00 am

    I am so glad you are safe now!!!! God is such a good provider!



  3. I sure do love our NEW car Sweetheart, but knowing you are safe is what mattered more to me. I love you!


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