It’s setting in that we’re really moving in 5 months. I’ve been eyeing cardboard boxes we get in the mail and breaking them down for “packing books in” when we move. When we put away the Christmas decorations, I wrapped everything especially carefully, taped up the boxes and labeled them, knowing the next time we use them we will no longer be in residence at 171 W Oak St.  I actually got misty eyed. I’m a little sad that we’re leaving.

Not that I will miss school, or homework, or deadlines, or the insane rent, or the traffic, or the constant hustle of the city, or the high gas prices. But I will miss the people.  We have made some really good friends here, and I will be very sorry to leave them.  I will miss my work with little Will. He’ll learn to read without me.   And, as small as our apartment is, and as many ridiculous rules as we have (I can’t hang window treatments?), it’s a nice, cozy place.  We don’t have roaches or mice.  Our kitchen is spacious and clean looking.  We have a ton of storage space.  These are things we may not have elsewhere.

And besides all that, this was our first home as a married couple.  We started our family here, and it holds many wonderful memories.  (And I have no idea where we will be living in 5 months. That’s always scary.)

It may be ridiculous that I’m thinking about this now–it’s a long way off.  But I am glad that I am, because it makes me cherish each moment all the more.  It causes me to set aside other things to spend more time with friends we won’t see anymore once we move.  It makes me loosen my grip on our pennies to visit our favorite restaraunts one last time (to split a meal and drink water:-).  It makes me thankful for what God has given us.  So I’m enjoying it.


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  1. Posted by Mom on January 16, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    5 months will go too fast–especially with school! So it’s good you’re savoring as many moments as you can.

    Your first little love nest is pretty special 🙂


  2. I totally understand your nostalgia. I’m the same way. 🙂 We split meals and drink water too – what fun!


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