Skipping Class to Apply for Jobs

This morning I woke up early and skipped my first class so I could graze the countryside around Oswego for anyone who might want to hire Stephen or me.  I am extra motivated/anxious right now because we have found two duplexes in Yorkville in our price range with laundry room, dishwasher (well, one of them does. I want that one), and YARDS!! The one (with the dishwasher) is surrounded by fields.  Yes, please.

I really want to move to Yorkville.  Everyone there seems super nice.  As we have known we would love to be in Yorkville for awhile, I finally stopped looking in all those booming suburbian areas (Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton) for jobs since no one there wants to hire us anyway.  I googled Yorkville, zoomed out, and took note of all the little surrounding communities.  Teaching assistant or substitute teaching is sounding really good to me right now, so I’m doing all the research on all the little country school districts to find out what it takes to obtain that certificate, and if they need me.

Also interesting could be an office assistant at a farm in Oswego.  That could be fun.

I also googled social work positions and Yorkville has a lot of options! Food pantries, Salvation Armies, Youth centers, etc.  I will be making a lot of phone calls today.


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  1. Posted by Mom on April 16, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    And I will be praying!


  2. I love you Ashley-Nicole! You are amazing! And I am so proud to be your husband.


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