Pregnancy Anomalies

Being pregnant is a funny thing.  Suddenly, your pregnancy and your baby becomes everyone else’s concern.  Once your baby bump begins to protrude noticeably, most people have an opinion or two they simply must share with you.  I think this probably happens for a number of reasons.  Perhaps people simply want to relate to you.  At times it’s a superiority thing–they’ve been pregnant before and you haven’t, therefore, they must inform you of exactly what to expect, because of course it will happen to you just as it did to them.  A lot of times it is a genuine concern for the life growing within you and wanting to make sure you are being as careful as can be.

Sometimes the advice is helpful; sometimes it is not.  Most times, though, I am finding, what everyone tells me is going to happen now that I am pregnant, has turned out to be just the opposite. 

Here are some of the things people have told me to expect since I’m expecting:

“Your finger nails will get extremely hard, and your hair will grow like weeds.”  I wish this were true.  My hair has always been the bane of my existence, as I have always wanted long hair; and I mean really long hair.  It grows at just above the speed of a snail, and unfortunately has not increased that rate at all while pregnant.  Also, my nails used to be brittle as could be, but a few years back, they miraculously became about as hard as rocks so I could finally grow them out.  Now they are breaking continuously.

“Your morning sickness will go away after the 12th week.” An absolute lie. (My favorite, though, is when I tell people I’m still sick at 20 weeks along, and they reply with all these solutions, to which I respond I have tried all of them to no avail.  That’s when they look at me with the look of Mrs. Elton in Emma, when she suggests taking her father to Bath, as it would do “vast amounts of good for his health.” When Emma responds that he has been to Bath and it did him no good, Mrs. Elton turns to her with a look of indignance and responds, “No, it will do him good!”)

Along that theme, “You won’t start getting sick until at least 5-6 weeks along.”  Also quite untrue in my case.  As soon as this little guy made himself comfortable in the lining of my uterus, I was sick. Really sick.

“If you don’t eat, your baby will starve.  You have got to make sure you eat and keep it down!” There are so many problems with this statement, not the least of which is the stress it places on feeble, queasy, guilty Mama.  Proper nutrition is one of the most important aspects of pregnancy, so I am already feeling guilty enough that every food except fruit makes me queasy.  And even if I get something down, the chances of me keeping it down are slim.  Seriously, though, do you think I am throwing up because I enjoy it?!  But the statement about “starve yourself, starve your baby” simply is not true.  God has designed it so that if Mama can’t keep her food down, Baby simply draws off of Mama’s reserves.  So Mama suffers, but Baby grows nice and strong.  Case in point: After incredible difficulty eating for this entire pregnancy, this Little One is bigger than average and healthy as an ox. I’m just a little more brittle than I used to be:-)

“Your sense of smell is going to increase like nobody’s business!” My Mom and Brother can’t smell worth a plugged nickel.  I believe I inherited their lack of sense of smell in a triple dose of extremely sensitive nose.  I can smell something three rooms away.  This extremely sensitive nose would come and go in waves before I was pregnant and at times make me pause as I took out the trash, nearly gagging, and wonder if perhaps I was pregnant.  However, (thankfully) my nose has not increased in sensitivity since being pregnant.  It was simply sensitive to begin with.

“You will be starving all the time!” I’ve never had much of an appetite, but I believe I have even less of a stomach than I did before I was expecting.  For instance, I used to be able to polish off at least 2-3 ears of corn at a meal.  I can now no longer finish one, no matter how delicious.  I have to remind myself to eat simply because it’s been a couple of hours, but not because I’m hungry.

“You will have all sorts of cravings.” Alas, this is not true either.  But perhaps I still have time to develop this one.  As yet, I only have aversions.  Before I was pregnant, I had very intense cravings, a couple times a week, specifically for chocolate and Pepsi.  If a craving would come upon me, there was nothing I could do to quench it.  A Pepsi must be purchased, and brownies must be made.  Now, brownies aren’t all that appealing, and Pepsis sit in my fridge for weeks before I finally decide perhaps a few sips would be nice with a certain meal.

“You will be irritable, grumpy, and cry on your poor husband over nothing. Constantly.” I have always been the type to tear up at a sweet song, commercial, or when Matthew dies in Anne of Green Gables.  This remains unchanged and has neither increased nor decreased since the positive pregnancy test.  As for my moods, even Stephen testifies that I have not been irritable, irrational, or moody during this pregnancy. In fact, I feel less inclined to snap or despair at random things.

“You are going to be so exhausted!!” We lived with friends during my 6-13th week of pregnancy, and shortly after arriving, my friend found out that she was also expecting.  From the beginning, she was exhausted.  She took 2-3 naps a day and was still tired. I, on the other hand, laid in bed at 4 am, wide awake, wondering if the sun was about to rise so I could get on with my day.  I have taken two naps my entire pregnancy, neither of which I actually fell asleep during.  I have more energy than I have ever had before.

I think the conclusion I have drawn is that I seem to be the reverse of every other pregnant person.  All these things that people speak of happened to me more before I was pregnant than now that I am.  Perhaps this could be true of labor, too? 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. Well, you certainly are nothing like your Momma in your experiences! I was more average, I guess.

    Let’s hope, therefore, for a super easy, fast labor (which would also be unlike your Momma for #1 baby)!


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