Sovereign Grace Shower

I wanted to post some pictures from the lovely shower the ladies at our church threw for me.  Knowing my affinity for British literature (and all things Jane Austen in general!), the theme was “High Tea,” and scones and cucumber sandwiches were served in abundance.  Enjoy the photos my talented friend Brenna took!

The lovely ladies who made the day as amazing as it was!

Andrea read some appropriate Austen quotes to start off our time together

The amazing spread!

Opening the abundance of amazing gifts!

Just a handful of the Preggies from church:-)

Showing our tummies!

Katie and I--she delivered two weeks later!

Misha and Me

All of the amazing people who came to help us celebrate!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for letting us “shower” you!


  2. […] Over the last month, I hit a few personal pregnant-after-infertility milestones: I attended two baby showers for friends from church, and I visited some other friends who just had a baby and held their newborn.  What a different experience, to rejoice with others without simultaneously battling the temptation of self-pity!  (You can see pictures of one of the showers, which I helped to host, here.) […]


  3. Posted by Mom on December 18, 2009 at 3:31 am

    So thankful for all these wonderful people in your lives. God blesses us with all good things to enjoy!


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