Jeshuah=Heavy Wetter

I continue in my desire to keep you all posted on my success with cloth diapers.  My friends at the cloth diaper store have said many times that cloth diapering is an art, not a science.  It’s trial and error, some guesswork, and a lot of experimenting.  Thankfully, I love it!  And I am determined to figure it out.

Our latest problem, which would be a problem whether I was using cloth or disposable, is that Jeshuah seems to have excessive amounts of body fluids.  And even though he uses the toilet on a regular basis, he is still having issues with soaking through his diapers to his clothes.  The most problematic time is, of course, the middle of the night.  A couple of weeks ago, I was awakened at 2 am every morning to him crying; he had soaked all the way to his swaddler again!

I tried everything I had in my drawers: the prefold, the cotton doublers, the hemp doublers, TWO hemp doublers, and the wool cover.  He soaked through every single one.

Laura and Laurie (of the cloth diaper store) were baffled, shocked, and practically dismayed.  After asking a hoard of questions including what detergent I was using, if I had prepped the hemp enough times, and where I was folding over, they exclaimed, “And he’s only 8 weeks old?!”  The first time he did this he was only 3 weeks old. That was when I knew we were going to have a problem.

I had one last resort (before caving in and buying disposables).  The Tiny Tush Wool Soaker.  It’s essentially a wool pullover with little legs and a high waist.  Everyone who uses it swears by it.

However, it costs a pretty penny, and there are multiple sizes I would have to buy.   So we talked about some other options and I ended up coming home with 3 hemp prefolds and 3 hemp inserts.  Hemp is the most absorbent natural thing on the planet.  So if this doesn’t work, well…I give up!

I’m trying it tonight, so I’ll let you know how it works.


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  1. Posted by Mom-GRANDMA! on March 2, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Need the update. How did it work??


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