All-in-One Diapers

I am completely unimpressed with all-in-one diapers.   Nearly every single time I have used them on Jeshuah, he has leaked out the leg gussets or up the back. No matter how tightly I fasten them, he leaks!  I am extremely glad that I didn’t end up investing chiefly in these pricey options.  I continue to be in love with the extremely cheap prefolds.

I say this because today I remembered there a FuzziBunz pocket diaper that I hadn’t tried on Jeshuah yet.  It looks extremely cute and soft, and I had high hopes that I could button it tight enough that it would be sufficient.  But halfway through a nap, he woke up soiled all the way through to his clothes.

So if you’re looking into cloth diapering, my recommendation is to stick with the prefolds:-)


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  1. Posted by Mom--GRANDMA! on March 3, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    For my part, I’m glad I am past these types of decisions. I did plenty of cloth diapers in my day! They do indeed save lots of money, but I had a rash on my hands a lot of the time from rinsing them out. I started wearing gloves, and that helped. 🙂


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