Missing Misha

Although we have many friends and family already here in the Quad Cities, we left a number of wonderful friends and kindred spirits in Yorkville. One such friend is Misha Seger.  We met at church when we were both pregnant with our first baby.  Her little Davin is 9 weeks younger than Jeshuah.

Stephen and her husband Jonathan have much in common as they both love theology, learning, and books, and we had them over for dinner on many occasions.

It was on one of these evenings that I took note of all the plates on the table after the meal was complete.  Stephen’s and Jon’s plates were completely devoid of even a crumb.  In fact, I am fairly certain at least Stephen used a piece of bread to soak up any residual juices.  After a quick glance at both my plate and Misha’s, I noticed that each of us had two to three bites left on our plates.  And we had both announced we were finished.

“Hey, you still have some food on your plate, too,” I commented to Misha.

“Oh yeah,” Misha looked at her plate almost sheepishly, “I kind of have this thing where I always leave a little bit of something on my plate no matter how hungry I am.”

My jaw dropped. “So do I!!” I said.  One of the amusing things about our friendship is that Jonathan and I have very similar personalities while Stephen and Misha are very much alike.  But here, I discovered the Misha and I have the exact same quirk about eating.  And I had to get to the bottom of it. We began hypothesizing about the psychology behind us feeling the need to leave at least one bite left on our plate at all times.

“It’s true of her drinks, too,” chimed in Stephen.  “Even the things she loves most, like coffee or Pepsi, she always leaves a tiny bit at the bottom. In fact, if she wants a second cup of coffee, she comes to me and asks for a refill when she still has about a quarter inch in the bottom.  When I ask her to finish it off first, it’s virtually impossible.”

We were intrigued.  Stephen went on to detail how he grew up with 5 boys, and if you wanted to eat, you ate as fast as you could, and you ate every crumb. So my leaving food on my plate was definitely a foreign concept to him.

“Maybe it’s some form of inner rebellion if your parents always made you finish everything on your plate,” he commented.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said slowly, the wheels in my head spinning. “My parents didn’t make us do that; they just made us eat at least some of everything.”

Jon and Misha were as stumped as we were about the whole thing, and I could tell at least Jonathan had moved on to wondering about dessert. Then, it hit me.

“Misha! Remember when you said you had Christmas money?”

“Yeah, and you did, too, and we were talking about the problem of not wanting to spend it because then we wouldn’t have it anymore!”

“Exactly! And you know how I told you I have issues with running out of room in my pantry and fridge because I keep buying food so I don’t run out?”

“Yeah! and if I am getting close to running out of salt, I have to go buy a new one that sits on my shelf for a month because I am so afraid of running out!”

We were practically bouncing up and down at this point of our discovery.  “We are hoarders!!” I announced excitedly. 

“For some reason, it makes us comfortable to have things and know we have them instead of using them up or spending them,” Misha finished.

We all agreed that this was, indeed, why we probably leave food on our plates.  Now we just have to figure out why we have a need to hoard…:-)

Every time I look at my plate of glass when I am finished and see some leftovers, I think of you, Misha. Come visit us soon!!


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