Settling In

Well, here we are in the Quad Cities, beginning to make our house a home.  I feel like I can’t even begin to express the many ways in which the Lord has blessed us here.  We love Stephen’s new job and his new schedule!  We are up at 5 every morning, and Stephen starts the coffee while I add the finishing touches to his lunch.  Did you hear that?? I get to pack him LUNCHES!! And then I get to look at the menu and start dinner preparations, because, guess what–he’s home for dinner every night!!!

We had our very first weekend yesterday and the day before.  We have been married 4 1/2 years, and in those years (other than a summer internship), we have never had evenings and weekends off. It. Is. Amazing.  On Friday night, my parents were here and took us out for dinner. Saturday, Mom and I hung pictures while Stephen and his dad assembled the swing they bought us for our back porch!  Then he mowed the lawn while I baked bread.  We topped off the evening with some good old Iowa pork chops grilled on our back porch.

Sunday we went to church, had a lunch at the church afterwards, then had some friends over for a lazy afternoon of talking, crocheting, and bocce ball.  We then went to the evening service at church and had Stephen’s parents over for dinner and ice cream afterwards. We are thoroughly enjoying our new schedule and our beautiful home. We are constantly praying that we will use these gifts to bless others and glorify Christ and not hoard them for ourselves. He has been so good to us. I pray our lives will reflect that and draw others to Himself!


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  1. Posted by Mom on May 4, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    We’re pretty excited for you too. As I wrote in my blessings book this morning, GOD IS SO GOOD!!


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