Making her Curds and Whey

After three months of searching high and low, I have finally gotten ahold of raw milk. Straight from the cow. Unpasturized, nonhomoginized. Ready to make all sorts of delicacies!

In my efforts to learn how to cook more naturally, I have been researching the health benefits of drinking and cooking with raw milk.  The process which most milk is put through destroys much of the nutrients that are found in abundance in milk.  Most grocery store milk has also come from cows fed growth hormones and eating pesticide-laden grass or grain.  To learn more about the benefits of raw milk, read more here.

However, because of the slim potential dangers in unpasturized milk, the laws concerning ataining it are difficult to get around.  In Illinois, it is not illegal to drink or sell it, but it is illegal to advertise that you sell it.  In Iowa it is illegal to sell it at all.  Fortunately, I live in Illinois:-)

However, because of the laws against selling it, it has been extremely difficult to find.  I have been able to find some distributors, but they are at least an hour away. And raw milk only keeps for 7-10 days. In a providential turn of events, Stephen drove past his aunt one early morning in Clinton, an hour away.  Each wondering what the other was doing there, they called each other, and Aunt Melinda relayed to him that there was a milk distributer in the area that she and another gal took turns driving to!

She picked me up gallon, and I am not on a monthly rotation to grab raw milk for myself and these two gals. I am SO excited! Today, I put 2 quarts of milk on the counter to sit at room temperature for a couple days so that the curds will separate from the whey. After that, I will skim the curds off the top and strain the whey into jars.

My raw milk in my nifty glass jars

Waiting for separation!

Among some of the many delights I intend to make with my curds and whey, here is a sampling:


-creame cheese

-sour cream


-homemade ginger ale




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on July 8, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Amazing! You’re going way beyond any homemaking skills I ever taught you–proud of you!


  2. hey there! i was checking misha’s blog and saw her post where she honored you and was so glad to find a link to your blog! william and i were wondering what happened to you and your family. glad you are continuing to do well!

    wanted to tell you we’ve been getting raw milk since jan. and LOVE it. if you haven’t checked out gnowflins, you may like it.

    blessing to you and your family!


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