Christmas Card Time!

Thanks to some friend mom bloggers, I discovered a promotion Shutterfly is doing for 50 free Christmas cards this year! I had just been thinking about which picture/s to use this year and whether I wanted to do just a picture or also a letter since there has been so much going on with us lately!

Anyway, I browsed Shutterfly’s collection of beautiful Christmas cards and here are some of my faves:

One of the things I love about Shutterfly is their class.  I am not a pink and blue or paisley decorating type of person, and I really like their elegant, modern designs.

They also have discounts, deals and promotions fairly often.  I am a scrapbooker, but on a few occasions, when I have simply not had the time to do a hand made scrapbook justice, I have used Shutterfly to create a photo memory book and was very pleased with the result. The prices are also amazingly reasonable.  Honestly, definitely cheaper than printing all my pictures, buying a three ring 12×12 scrapbook and all the fancies to decorate it. Not to mention how much time it saves! I love that option because it’s way better to have a cute photo book, albeit ordered on-line:-) than to not have any of your pictures printed out and just store them on your computer.  Really, who ever looks at people’s pictures on their computer?! No one. They look at the pictures beautifully laid out in the scrapbook on the table or tacked up on the fridge.

And that is why I am going for it this year! I  got a card from my Grandma recently saying, “Please send me your Christmas pictures!” I don’t know about you but I love, love, LOVE getting people’s Christmas pictures in the mail and sticking them up on the fridge to look at and pray for.

So if you haven’t already decided to do Christmas pictures, I hope I have convinced you (and add me to your mailing list!:-).  And if you haven’t already done it, well, Shutterfly is a great way to go!


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