This Moment

I wrote this poem awhile back but kept forgetting to post it here for my non-facebook friends to read.  (I am frustrated with the formatting, but cannot get it to work right–it’s supposed to be couplets, so use some imagination:-)

This Moment

When you were born, my little one, I never could have guessed

The many ways in which I soon would count myself as blessed.

Recounting all the things I love, oh, where do I begin?

I want to treasure every day I’ll never have again.

“Itsy bitsy” in your fingers, “piggies” in your toes,

Nursery rhymes and silly times, and boogies in your nose.

Kissing cheeks and eyes and ears, and nibbling on your chin,

Watching you explore the world, just taking it all in.

Laughter bubbling from your belly, seeing smiles so sweet,

Spoons becoming trains and planes inspiring you to eat.

Dancing in the kitchen as I sing a made-up tune,

Finding twinkles in the stars and smiling at the moon.

Snuggling you so closely as you drift into sweet slumber,

Filling days with happy times too numerous to number.

In weariness I must admit to having sometimes asked

On teething days and sleepless nights, “How long will this phase last?”

But even on the harder days I cannot help but know

The richness which you bring my life, watching as you grow.

Oh, Precious Little Bundle, you fill my days with joy!

Such love I can’t imagine, my darling little boy.

The days are flying quickly now, becoming weeks, months, years.

I cherish every little thing, the laughter and the tears.

So many items on my list, so many things to do–

I’ll only have this moment once; I’ll spend it, dear, with you. ©

Photo by Misha Seger


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nana on January 19, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Love it on facebook…. love it here 🙂


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