Occupational Therapist Evaluation=Complete

Occupational therapy: (because I didn’t know what it is and it is a confusing term)  Occupational therapy is beneficial when there are concerns regarding fine motor, sensory, visual motor, and/or motor
planning. (http://www.brighttots.com/Occupational_Therapy)

Kara, our occupational therapist, was here this morning to evaluate Jeshuah.  I have to admit, I have been so nervous all week about her visit–but not because of why she is coming, but about how Jeshuah will behave! As you probably have read by now, he is growing his nasty molars and they are giving him the biggest fits, poor thing! One minute he is fine, the next, he’s in a puddle of tears on the floor, inconsolable. It’s anyone’s guess how he will be behaving at any given moment.

So the question was: will he wake early due to teething pain? Will he be able to fall asleep for his morning nap, or will he wake up screaming? Will he wake early and not nap well and therefore have crashed into a state of exhausted slumber at just the time she is supposed to arrive so she cannot evaluate him?! These are the thoughts that run through my head.

Everything went swimmingly, though, by God’s grace.  Poor chap was running a fever right before Kara arrived, but I administed some of our favorite homeopathic remedy and within minutes, he had perked up.  When Kara knocked, Jeshuah was standing at the coffee table, beaming and eager to demonstrate all his tricks (He loves to show off!).

It was so sweet to see them sitting on the floor playing together.  Kara would pull something our of her bag and show it to him and Jeshuah would peer into her bag to see what else she had brought him–especially after he saw she had some small, round objects! He stacked her blocks for her beautifully and she applauded him with great gusto.  He sat on her lap and gleefully took everything she gave him and tried to roll or spin it.  She redirected him with ease.  Kara would show him how to do something and then take his hands and clap them together and say, “Yay, Jeshuah!” and he would grin from ear to ear and look at me like “Aren’t you so proud of me, Mommy?”

Kara is “scoring” the sheets of information she got from her interactions with him and the survery I filled out, but she said he looks really great in most areas.  His obsession with spinning things, his stiffening and choking when seeing things that spin, is definitely abnormal, but he really is too young yet to be able to know much more about what that really means may be going on in that sweet mind of his. Her recommendations:

  • Continue keeping him occupied with things that don’t spin.  Show him how toys are meant to be used and encourage him to play with them rather than spin them.  If he continues to spin, remove the toy and redirect. It is important for him to continue expanding his learning.
  • If he is upset and needs calmed, try rocking with him, driving in the car with him, or swinging on the swing.  Perhaps he needs that spinning/moving sensation, but it is best to teach him how to utilize that need functionally, as in swinging on a swing.
  • We (Kara, Cara, and Tiffany, our occupational therapist, case worker, and developmental therapist, respectively) will all meet together on March 17 to compare evaluations and decide what further action, if any, needs to be taken.  In the case that they don’t decide he needs to be in therapy, Kara said she would like to have him re-evaluated every 3 months to make sure that he is continuing to progress and not regress in his development.

Tiffany will be coming on Friday (delayed due to her own sick children), and so we will pray for another happy baby with good interactions! I was very encouraged by God’s good gift this morning in allowing Jeshuah to be happy and playful, and we really liked Kara! Will keep you posted.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nana on March 1, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Praising God with you for this good report! He is a special boy in all ways, with a wonderful Mommy:-)


  2. So wonderful to hear all of this! We’ll continue to pray for you guys.


  3. Glad to hear this first eval went well! Will keep praying…


  4. so glad it went well!


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