Our Sick Bay

So we recently found out why we have all been miserable for the last week: all three of us have strep throat. AND the baby also has a sinus infection. Poor little guy!!!

I noticed on Monday he was warm, but chalked it up to teething.  But by Tuesday he was so miserable, his face was bright red, and he had a fever of 102.5.  I know that was more than teething.  Stephen had woken up that morning feeling like death warmed over, but he had to go to work anyway, since he doesn’t have sick days yet.  By the end of the day, Stephen came dragging in and collapsed on the couch.  He was delirious (as he has been the only two times in his life he had a fever!), so when I tried to convince him to go to the doctor, he couldn’t think straight and wouldn’t go. Alas, none of us ended up going to the doctor until Thursday morning, after miserable days and very, very long nights.

And all three of us tested positive for strep. The doctor said he was going to test Jeshuah “just to make sure,” but that it was extremely rare for a baby under two to get strep due to maternal antibodies.  When we both tested positive, I was shocked. I think my eyes about popped out of my head. I know I shouldn’t, but at times like these I can’t help but thinking, “What am I doing wrong?!” We eat very healthy, Jeshuah eats all organic foods, and we eat as much as we can afford to at this point.  We all take elderberry syrup and probiotics to support our immune system (okay, so I’m really bad at taking the vitamins).  I keep a very clean house (but am, at the same time, not a germaphobe and have no problem eating something off the floor and hold to the philosophy that a little bacteria helps to strengthen the immune system…hmmm, maybe that isn’t true after all?)  Jeshuah is home with me all day, we don’t frequent public playgrounds for him to be exposed to all sorts of stuff, I nursed him until he was over one year old…I feel like I am trying to do everything they tell me to do to keep us healthy–and we are constantly sick! So I feel like I have to be doing something wrong, here…especially since Stephen never got sick before he married me. *sigh*

Anyway, the doctor put all of us on an antibiotic and we are all feeling much better. Jeshuah actually slept 13 hours last night without crying once!!! That is the first time in a month, my friends. Ah, glorious sleep for mama!

However, I am not a big fan of antibiotics in many ways.  I think they are great as far as they go, but I don’t want us (especially Jeshuah) on them very often.  They not only kill the bad stuff, but they also kill the good stuff (kinda like chemo), but most times we don’t think twice about taking them.  There are great ways to counteract this, but most doctors won’t even tell you this stuff, and I do wish they would.  I did some research, and for now, we are going to make sure to have two servings of yogurt a day, as well as be faithful in taking probiotics. Hopefully that will counteract most of the negative affects of taking the antibiotics.  And even more hopefully, someday, when I know more information about these things, I want to learn how to prevent the need for antibiotics as much as possible.

But for now, I am grateful for their invention and the healing affect it has had on our family…and for the sleep it has granted us all:-)


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  1. You can’t blame yourself for these things – you are a wonderful mom and wife! Hang in there!


  2. I’m so sorry about the sickness! One thing that has helped my kids a lot is vitamin D. Bredon had repeated ear infections for a while, and we were concerned about the antibiotics. Since starting him on vitamin D, we’ve never had to get an antibiotic–he still gets colds but they haven’t turned into infections, or if they head that way it’s been averted by chiropractic care and an herbal ear oil. So that’s one idea. I feel your pain–we live similarly and still get plenty of colds. However, I am encouraged that so far we’ve avoided worse sicknesses. The things you are doing are great–don’t give up! I’m sure you will discover more and more what works for your family. One thing–I noticed both my boys got more colds, and worse, after I stopped nursing. I think that’s normal–and you can’t nurse forever! Also, maybe your husband has more responsibility and work and less sleep than he did before becoming a husband and daddy? I think that may be a normal result of no longer being young and single and extremely well rested! 🙂 I see that with my husband, too. And I know neither of them would trade it!
    Hoe you guys all feel better soon.


  3. Posted by Nana on March 5, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    I agree with Jess. You are a very good mama! So glad you are feeling better.


  4. Posted by Angie on March 7, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Hey Ashley-Nicole! I can relate to struggling with similar feelings (especially when Caleb was a baby and kept getting ear infections). I wanted to pass on some helpful thoughts that God used during that time. But before I even got a chance to do it, I saw this post containing the verse I was going to pass along and helpful those helpful truths I learned when I was thinking similarly to you. Take it or leave it but hope it helps 🙂



  5. Posted by Cilicia on March 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    One of my kids also got strep before 2 yrs. old, and the Dr. said the same thing…. hmmm.


  6. Posted by Anna on March 14, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Hey Ashley-Nicole! I bet your problem is that you dont drink cow milk.


  7. Posted by Anna on March 14, 2011 at 7:40 pm



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