The Dirty Dozen List

An important aspect of healthy living is eating foods free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.  Studies are increasingly showing that even small doeses of these chemicals can cause lasting damage to our health and brain development–especially fetal development and small children! As this guide states, washing and peeling can help, but not eliminate the toxins, as they are absorbed into the very core of the fruits and veggies.

When buying produce, buying organic can take a huge chunk out of your wallet.  Here is a helpful list of the MOST important things to buy organic.  Prioritizing and buying some organic is better than nothing! So get started with this list:

The Dirty Dozen List

I have also heard that it is highly important to buy organic coffee and bananas as these foods are highly absorbant (yes, the skins of bananas absorb those pesticides and it leaks into the fruit), but this list does not include them.  Oh, well…we do our best!


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  1. best coffee ever! organic AND shade grown. 🙂


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