Breakfast Porridge

In my attempts to informedly feed our family healthier, I (finally) read Super Baby Food. (Read my review here). Since Jeshuah eats almost twice as much as I do, he has been really stretching our food budget these last few months! I was eager to find some more healthy, frugal ways to fill his tummy.

Enter breakfast porridge. A wonderful recipe for simple, homemade breakfast porridge is 1/3 cup of a ground grain (millet, quiona, wheat berries, spelt, etc.) 2 TBS of a ground legume (split peas, navy beans, lentils, etc) poured into 2 cups boiling water. Simmer 10 minutes. The combination of 2 parts grain to 1 part legume forms a complete protein the equivalent of milk or meat. And since we are working on reducing our meat intake, I love knowing he is getting adequate nourishment.

For the last couple of months, I have been mixing black eyed peas with wheat berries. But in our attempt to decrease Jeshuah’s gluten intake, I switched the grain to oatmeal. When mixed with half a jar of pureed banana/raspberry and enough almond milk to thin it to the perfect consistently, our Little Eater gulps the stuff down!

Today I decided to be brave and try a new combination. Super Baby Food recommends mixing up the grains so he is not eating the same thing every day. There is much benefit in a wide variety of foods. So I tried split peas and millet, thinned and sweetened with a half jar of baby fruit and some almond milk.

The result was a full and contented baby after breakfast! And I made a huge batch of two kinds of porridge this morning so I could freeze it and not have to make it again for a couple of weeks!

My next goal is to research how to make this stuff after soaking the grains. Soaking grains and legumes is important in breaking down the phytates so we can better digest them. But this would require some extra thought and experimentation with cooking times, water levels, etc. so I haven’t done it yet. Maybe next week?


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