Wearied in Searching, Refreshed in the Gospel

I am reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, and am thoroughly enjoying it(I will post more thoughts on the book later). In my pursuit of healthier living/eating, I find a vast array of various opinions on the matter. But mostly, I find people who have strong opinions about having no opinion at all. That is, most people seem to be so overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice, they don’t even know who to believe anymore. Which is exactly where I used to be, and for the most part still am. The difference is, in recent months, I have made the choice to begin wading through the cesspool of information to begin to form my own opinions on the matter.

Healthy living and eating is one of those area where I feel Christians are sadly lacking a biblical perspective. Most conversations I have (or attempt to have) with believers quickly turn defensive, with scowls, tongues clicking, and a dismissive brush off to just relax and stop being so concerned and conspiracy theorist. I am troubled by the response I receive if I even question the wisdom behind processed foods, the effects of chemical additives, and vaccines, just to name a few highly controversial subjects. But what is even more troubling is the fact that most of these people have honestly never even given this stuff a second thought. They just go with it.  It’s too much trouble to wade through the  mess of information out there, so just don’t worry about it, they say.

I know, because that was me six months ago.

Somehow, everything changes when it happens to you, though.  “It” being a disorder greatly affecting your son and your family that remains largely unexplained, undiagnosed, and unsolved.  My inner Detective and Mama Bear prowls out of hibernation, puts her nose to the ground and begins foraging for answers. You would do it too if it was your son.  (And for those of you who it is your son, we are foraging together!).

This foraging can be exhausting, though.  I am sometimes wearied by the questions and comments from others, trying to smooth it all over or make me feel better by brushing me off.  I am wearied by my research that concludes only in more questions. I am wearied by our medical doctors concerns but lack of answers. I am wearied by the other doctors’ claims to have answers, but how do I know who to trust? Sometimes I am weary of questioning, questioning, questioning with no answers.

Oh, praise God for the gospel! The gospel of Jesus Christ never changes. The God of the gospel never changes, for that matter! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  As I trudge through a pile of ever-changing facts and information, unsure where to turn or who to trust in this medical world, I know at the end of the day, our God is in control.  He is aware of everything that I am struggling with and wondering about, and he is the God of it all.  My struggle revolves, not around flesh and blood and the things of this earth, but in balancing my heart and mindset to remind myself that this world has nothing for me, yet this world has everything. All that I could want and nothing that I need (Thank you, Caedmon’s Call:-). Living in that balance is one of life’s greatest challenges, but I won’t give up.  I am called to be in this world but not of it.  So with every book that I open, every article I read, every documentary I watch, I have to avoid the temptation to let that be my new gospel.  Whatever truth I find in this world, it is all under the authority of God’s truth.

So as I pursue answers to Jeshuah’s difficulties, desiring to eat and live healthier and simpler, none of that must control and fuel me.  It is the gospel, and only the gospel that should consume me.  And making my heart glad in the gospel will enable me to study these things in peace and keep them from overwhelming me.


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  1. Posted by Nana on April 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Love your conclusion, and I will seek to be supportive and not one of the critics in your quest for answers. Very thankful that God IS IN CONTROL!


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