Natural Cold Relief for Babies

When babies are sick, everyone in the house is miserable, especially them! They are so small and helpless and they just don’t understand why they feel so awful. And there isn’t any medication deemed safe for them until at least two years of age (and it isn’t even recommended to be used until at least six years old).

Jeshuah has had his fair share of colds in his 16 months of life, despite being breastfed for 12+ months! He has an exceedingly difficult time sleeping when he is sick, and when he doesn’t get his sleep, he cannot function.  This fueled my search for natural solutions for cold relief. While nothing is fool proof and some methods work better for some than others, here are some tips I have gleaned:

  • Before bed, apply some Vick’s Babyrub to the bottoms of feet and pull on socks.  Also apply to chest and back.  This loosens congestion and aids in breathing.
  • Elevate their mattress slightly on one end with a towel underneath.  It is difficult enough to breathe with a stuffy nose, but we all know the frustration of lying down and having gravity tug even harder at our sinuses! Elevating just a little can ease some of the congestion.
  • Fill a humidifier with water and place near bed.  The added moisture in the air will help ease congestion.
  • Give baby vitamins. Your local health food store should carry a variety.  Make sure they contain zinc, vitamin C.
  • Steam bathroom before warm bath, and add eucalyptus oil to water. Before his bath, I turn the shower on as hot as it will go and close the door to maintain the steam.  When it is steamy enough, I fill the bath with warm water, adding a couple drops of Dr. Bronner’s Eucalptus soap.  Eucalyptus opens the sinuses and relieves congestion.
  • Add epsom salts to the bath. They draw toxins out of the body.
  • A daily Teaspoon Elderberry Syrup. You can find this at your local health food store. Buy the kind without sugar added.  Elderberry syrup has long been used to support the immune system.
  • Daily probiotic. Also available at the healthfood stores. Probiotics help support the immune system.
  • Saline solution to loosen congestion.  Warm 1/2 cup filtered water with 1/8 tsp salt. Lay baby down with face and head tilted back and drop/spray in each nostril. Use aspirator to suction out nostrils.
Those are a few that have benefited usl. What remedies have you found helpful?

2 responses to this post.

  1. We give Josefine Sweet Echinacea…have been since she was 6 mos. When she has a cold, anyway…it really shortens the duration, it seems and she LOVES it…it’s like a little treat for her! 🙂 3x day is all…I’ve heard the elderberry thing is great, too! Good suggestions…and good post, as TIS the SEASON! :/


  2. Posted by Michelle Farrell on April 30, 2011 at 3:24 am

    Great Job AN, I think you’ve thought of almost all of them. We go to Whole Foods a lot more now for Homeopathic medicines for Will when he is stuffy. He takes a daily vitamin, probiotic and uses saline nasal spray often to loosen up those nose crusties!


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