Ever Aftering

Seven years ago, Stephen and I were “just friends”–who liked each other a whole lot more than that!  But, like the gentlemen he is, he was waiting for me to be ready to call ourselves more than friends.  I had previously been in a God-directed, godly relationship with a young man that had ended, and I was struggling with confusion over that turn of events and how to move forward in this relationship.

But finally, as the Lord worked on my heart and taught me more about Himself, I knew I was ready. I had peace about entering into a purposeful relationship with Stephen–even if I didn’t have a guarantee of how it would turn out.

Of course, after I had made him wait for months as I studied my heart, I knew I couldn’t just blurt out “Okay, I’m ready to date you now!”  So, like the poetic, romance-loving writer that I am, I decided to write him a poem.  I was at work, answering the phone and sending faxes, and since Dad was out of the office, I had plenty of time to think.  But I couldn’t think of a single thing to write.  After some time of feeling like I was beating my head against a brick wall, I finally prayed, “Lord, if you want me to write a poem, you’re going to have to give it to me.”  Within minutes, the poem began formulating itself in my mind.  Whole stanzas started coming to me from random places in the storyline, and I raced to jot them down on scraps of paper before I forgot them. By the time I got home that evening, I typed all the lines I had into my computer and spent the next couple of hours filling in the missing elements.

The next day, I presented Stephen with the finished product, printed on parchment paper, singed around the edges, rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon.  Here is the finished product, seven years later.

Ever Aftering

Once upon a time, I’ve heard them say,

In a land that’s not so far away,

A king with his daughter ruled in that place

With justice and kindness and mercy and grace.

The Princess herself was no beauty divine,

And her talents weren’t especially fine.

But because her father was King of the land,

Every young noble desired her hand.

The Princess, however, was old fashioned it seemed.

She sat in her tower up high and she dreamed

Of The One, her Prince Charming, and who he might be,

She could hardly contain her excitement to see.

In seeking The One, she knew the King to be wise,

And so she approached him, looked into his eyes,

And said, “I want you to choose, out of all these men,

The Who and the Why and the Where and the When.

Father I trust you, you know what is best,

And so I beseech you, get rid of the rest!”

The King agreed with much satisfaction,

And he set about in taking some action.

But the King took his time as he searched high and low.

The princess grew restless, began getting to know

A young Prince in the land who had caught her attention

With his charm and good looks, but he’d failed to mention

Whether he was as loyal as some to the King.

To him this didn’t seem a very big thing.

The Princess herself had lost sight of her plans

To leave her decision in her Father’s skilled hands.

Her hopes were quite high, her plans were in place,

When the Prince disappeared without any trace.

The Princess, despairing, went in to her Dad,

Her heart all in pieces, her countenance sad.

Her Father embraced her and patiently said,

“If you’ll just wait on me, I will bring him instead.”

The Princess resolved once again to remain,

And wait with her Father until The One came.

Through the course of her days with her Father the King,

The young suitors came, their offers to bring.

Most were passed over and sent right away,

Until only one was permitted to stay.

She got to know him, and they had lots of fun

The Princess was certain that this was The One.

But the King had an ultimate plan of his own,

The wisdom of which was yet to be shown.

So the Prince packed his bags and left her a note.

The Princess was saddened to read what he wrote.

Oh, how she was crushed, her heart disillusioned.

She came to the King once again in confusion.

“My Father, please tell me, just why this is so,

That he’d love me and leave me—or did you not know?”

“Oh, but my child, you don’t understand.

His coming and going were part of my plan.”

The Princess was humbled and left the King’s sight,

To think and to wonder if he could be right.

She still was quite certain that never again

Could she offer her heart to another young man.

But it wasn’t long before in through the door,

Up the wide staircase and across the wood floor,

There came a young Prince from far and away,

And the King, in his wisdom, asked him to stay.

He summoned his daughter and then introduced them.

The Princess watched from afar and admired him.

The two became friends, and it wasn’t long after,

As the Princess and Prince were engaged with their laughter,

The King took her aside, whispered into her ear,

“I know this young Prince; you have nothing to fear.

I’ve chosen him out of the dozens who’ve come

To test and to see if he could be The One.”

“But Father,” the Princess said with a sigh,

“If he isn’t the one, then why even try?”

“Because you won’t know unless you obey.

Learn to trust and to listen to the things that I say.

Know that I only desire what is best,

Leave it with me; I’ll take care of the rest.”

The Princess nodded and pondered awhile,

Then she looked up, and she said with a smile,

“I trust you, my Father; I’ll do what you say.

I’ll move forward with this; I won’t run away.”

And so the fair Princess, free of fear and regret,

Smiled as she thought of the Prince she had met.

The King hadn’t promised her it would be easy.

He’d said, “Follow me, tarry close and you’ll see

That I only want what is best for my child,

So trust me, my Princess.” As he said it, he smiled.

So the Princess, her heart now light and carefree,

Felt joy at the promise of what was to be.

Neither she nor the Prince would be able to tell

If things would be perfect and all turn out well.

But they knew they could trust in the heart of their King,

The Sovereign Creator of Ever Aftering.©

And of course, as we all know now, that Prince was the One.  I rejoice in the way The King brought us together and has kept us together. And I look ahead to the future and thrill at what He has planned for us.  There is no “happily ever after” as a couple walks into the moonlight, never to know a moment’s worry again.  Marriage isn’t perfect, and life isn’t a total fairy tale.  But walking with God is a beautiful thing, no matter how many bumps are in the road.  And we know very well, the last two lines of my poem still ring true:

But they knew they could trust in the heart of their King,

The Sovereign Creator of Ever Aftering.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Hanna on July 30, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Wonderful work here, and totally inspired. This should be illustrated and sold as a book!
    Thank you for sharing it…seems like too much to share! And so lovely and well-done!


  2. Posted by Mrs. H on July 31, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Thanks for sharing this and giving us a window into your life and heart! I’d love to hear more of your wonderful story sometime. It’s such an encouragement to hear about and see how your Father has worked His good plan for your life!


  3. Beautiful! I love how God orchestrates such amazing stories of love.


  4. Posted by Lissa on September 3, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    This is Lissa, Laura’s (and Andrew’s) good friend. Wandered over to this, and want you to know how encouraged I am by your wrestling and processing through what God teaches you. Love the company of those who look at all things (or try!) in relation to God and his sovereignty!


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