Eliana – Four Months!

Eliana, you are four months old!

By the numbers: 4 months old.daytime feedings and 1 middle of the night feeding (usually around midnight-2am).  3.5 naps per day.  size 2 diapers. size 3-6 months clothes.  13 lbs.

You are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it!  This month, you began your pursuits in mobility, as you rolled over for the first time!  You also succeed in scooting way off the play mat when you are laying on your back under your floor gym.  Something tells me you will be crawling before we know it! People don’t comment as much on the size of your eyes–as your Aunt Sister puts it, you are “growing into them.”  You are growing rounder and chubbier by the day, and we love counting all your little rolls of chub!

Your sleeping has been somewhat erratic of late, but you can blame that on me.  I have to admit, I am not as concerned (read: obsessed) with your sleeping habits as I was with your brother.  You were sleeping through the night in nine, ten, and eleven hour solid stretches, without even waking to eat.  But a few weeks ago you went through a growth spurt and we haven’t quite been able to get back on track since then.  I am hoping that moving you to a four-hour eating schedule during the day will help. I can tell you are ready for it, I have just been lazy about implementing it.  Your daily routine is beginning to look something like this: 7am-eat, wake, sleep. 11am-eat, wake, sleep.  3pm-eat, wake, sleep.  6:30pm-eat, nighttime routine, down for the night.

As far as potty training is going, well, it mostly isn’t.  You have “naked time” after every feeding, and when I take you to the toilet, you do go occassionally, but mostly, I am just not making much of an effort to take you.  I blame it on the chaos that is our basement being remodeled and that we don’t actually have any “place” for your or your things, except mostly in piles in our bedroom.  When things are more settled, I look forward to having a changing/diaper station with your little toilet next to it so we can really start working on no more poopy diapers! 🙂

You are more observant than ever.  Now people exclaim on how alert you are.  You are always looking around the room, eyes wide or brow contemplatively creased, taking everything in.  You most commonly find anyone who is not noticing you and begin grinning to beat the band until they finally notice you and ooh and ahh over you.  Your delightful, open mouth grin is almost always being displayed while you are awake.

And no one can make you grin more than your big brother.  Jeshuah continues to be infatuated with you.  From the moment he wakes up in the morning to the  time he is getting ready for bed, he is asking for “Bebe,” which he affectionately calls you.  He has always enjoyed giving you kisses (mostly by simply smashing his face and or chin onto your head), but you now enjoy kissing him back, opening you mouth wide and slobbering all over him, sending him into fits of giggles.

Our new favorite activity is making you “do things” with him, such as singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” while “pointing” them out with your fat little fist.  Jeshuah also enjoys when you join in with our evening dance routine throughout the living area, either by dancing with him and Daddy, or by “chasing” him around the house in circles.

You are growing up before our eyes, and we love every minute of it! I want to just freeze time and keep you as you are forever, while at the same time, I love watching you grow up and seeing the person you are becoming.  You are our joy and our delight, and we wake up each day eager to see what you will do next!

You’re our Precious Pumpkin Muffin, and we love you!


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  1. I love her big, open-mouth smiles!! They make her look just like all the baby pictures of Uncle Alex 🙂


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