Eliana – Five Months

Eliana, you are five months old!! By the numbers: 5 months old. 5(ish) daytime feedings and 1 (or 2, or 3) middle of the night feeding (usually around 4:30m…or midnight…and 3am).  2-3 naps per day.  size 3 diapers. size 6 month clothes.  14.5 lbs.

As you can tell from the numbers, this month has been anything but predictable!  Between attempting to wean you of your paci (which ended in dismal failure) and the cold you have had for a week, we have not gotten much sleep this month.  Because of your haphazard sleeping patterns your eating has also been thrown off.  We are all around off kilter here, but so far at least, you remain just as happy as ever!  The routine you are typically following (and I use the word “typical” very, very loosely) is eat around 4:30 or 5am, so when you wake up around 7, you are not in the least hungry.  So then halfway through your morning nap, around 9:30, you wake up absolutely starving, eat some food, and then go back to sleep for another hour or two.  Of course, when you wake up at 11, you are not hungry, so you eat again before your next nap around noon.  Your afternoon nap has been hit or miss lately–either a mere hour, or a lengthy three-hour nap, and I can never guess which it will be.  If you wake early, you and I just play, or you “help” me with the housework until your brother wakes up.  You are typically hungry for your next feeding around 3 or 4, which is right before your final nap of the day, which is only 45 minutes.  Your normal eat, wake, sleep routine is out the window.  Perhaps we will get back in the groove soon, but for now, we are managing just fine.  Your bedtime has also been unpredictable, because sometimes you take your late catnap, and sometimes you don’t.  So sometimes you are ready for bed by 7, and other times, you don’t fall asleep til 8 or even 9 a couple of nights!  Thankfully, as I say many times on a daily basis, you are not my first born, so we all just “go with the flow” together, and I do not stress out about it like I would have with your brother:-)

You have not had any major milestones this month, other than your sheer cuteness.  You are becoming very easily distracted, though, and I usually have to disappear into a dark room to feed you now, as everything in the house is simply so exciting, who needs to eat??  I love the way you are so observant, that whenever you are playing on your floor gym, if anyone walks past, you instantly stare at them, your eyes following them around the room in an effort to get their attention.  Sometimes you coo or laugh to get people to notice you, and when they do, you laugh and squeal and kick your legs in delight.

Your favorite person is still your big brother-and you are his!  Oh how you love his hugs and kisses! He loves to come up when you are playing in your exersaucer and (after giving you a multitude of hugs and kisses) show you how to do all your toys and gadgets.  Whenever you wake up from your naps and come out to play, he squeals “Beebee!!” in delight that you’ve joined us.  He always wants to make sure you are coming with us on outings, and often has trouble going to sleep if he did not get to say goodnight to you.

Regarding potty training, I realized with horror that I have been letting too much time get away from me in my laxity on the potty training thing–your brother went poopy exclusively in the toilet from 8 months old on–I only have 3 months to catch you up!  My weariness of changing poopy cloth diapers is my motivation to get back on track.  Now that you can sit up on your little potty so well, it will be much easier to just take you potty every time I change your diaper.  I was worried you may have forgotten how, but as soon as I sat you on the potty just now, you happily relieved yourself!  You will be just as happy not to have to sit in your stink as I will be not to change it anymore:-)

Your daddy and I were in a wedding this month, and so your Uncle Alex and Aunt Jess came over to take care of you for the weekend.  While you were a little extra fussy due to your cold, I think you all had a lot of fun!  They got you all dressed up for the wedding, but you both napped too late to attend.  We did manage to get some cute pictures, though!

You are our Princess Piglet, our little Cutie Pie, our Darling Dumpling, and we love you.




2 responses to this post.

  1. You are darling! Thank you for these chronicles of life 🙂


  2. That first picture? Cracks me up. The one of her snuggled in the carrier? So sweet. And yay for go-with-the-flow second-child parenting! Eat-wake-sleep is a helpful practice, but not something to live or die by, huh?


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