Eliana – 7 Months

Eliana, you are seven months old! (At least, you were seven months old on August 4. Life with two gets increasingly busy!)

By the numbers: 7 months old. 4-5 daytime feedings and a dreamfeed at 10pm.  2 naps per day.  size diapers. size 9 month clothes.  Didn’t get a chance to weigh you this month.

You love when Daddy reads you stories!

This month was basically the opposite of last month in a lot of ways.  Regarding eating, I finally caved in and bought you some purees, since I could tell you were really, really eager for something more than milk, and gnawing on carrots and green beans wasn’t actually putting much in your stomach. You are really good at slurping it off the spoon, and most of the time I let you just feed yourself.  This typically ends in the need for a serious bath, as the majority ends up all over your head, and not in your mouth. However, the majority of the time we skip solids altogether and nursing is your primary means of nutrition.

Guacamole Girl!

Ellie, is everyone having fun here? Cousin Cora doesn’t look very happy…

As consistent as I was with potty training last month, this month has been an epic fail.  We seemed to hit a funk, where you would’t go when I took you, then you would go in your diaper as soon as you were off the toilet. So I got lazy and quit taking you.  One of these days we’ll get back in the groove, but I guess we know you won’t be poopy trained by 8 months like your brother! We’ll set a new goal for 12 months, deal?

Major milestones of the month include you saying “mama” quite distinctively and learning to play “peek-a-boo” by pulling clothes or blankets over your face until I say, “Where’s baby?” and then you whip it off your face and laugh and laugh when I cry, “There she is!!” Then we do the whole thing over and over and over again.  You also love reading stories with your brother, although you just want to put it in your mouth the entire time, and Big Brother tells you “No! No mouth!” in no uncertain terms.  Sometimes, it’s hard being a baby:-)

As for your sleeping, the end of month saw us moving you into the basement, which is partially finished now.  We were just really ready to have you sleep in your own room so that you could finally learn to sleep through the night.  At the time this post should have been posted, it had only been a couple of days, but you were doing pretty well on your own. And Mama was getting a lot more sleep! We also took away the paci, and after a few days, you didn’t mind any more.  You had started just gnawing on it and spitting it out anyway, so I figured it was time for another try. You are sleeping much better now, and we are all the merrier for it.

Laird cousins all together!

Twins! (cousins, that is!)

This month we traveled to visit Great Grandparents Laird in Indianapolis.  You finally got to meet your Uncle Joey, Great Aunt and Uncles and second cousins. You thoroughly enjoyed the new people and places, and even did very well on our first attempt to sleep the whole family (minus Daddy who had to stay home and work) in the same room day and night.  My favorite memory was when I put Jeshuah to bed, then got you in your jammies, fed you, and carried you into the semi-dark room.  Shuah popped up in his crib and cried gleefully, “Baby!” and I said, “Shhh, lay down, you and Baby are going to go to sleep.” He snuggled back down as I laid you in my bed and wrapped your blankets around you.  As I left the room, you were cooing to yourself quietly, and Shuah was softly giggling and saying to himself, “ohhhh, baby.”  You both fell asleep that way.  I love how you two love each other!

I sure do love watching you grow, but I wish you’d slow it down a little.  Love you so much, my little Sugar Dumpling!


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