Eliana – 8 Months!

Eliana, you’re 8 months old!

By the numbers: 8 months old. 4-5 daytime feedings and the occasional MOTN feeding.  2 naps per day.  size diapers. size 9 month clothes. 16.5 lbs (I am not entirely sure this is accurate…This is what our scale read, Nana’s scale said you were approximately 20 lbs, so you’re probably somewhere in between)

This month, you had the pleasure of going to your first Old Thresher’s Reunion! Your Poppa has been going since he learned to walk, and the whole family has been going ever since.  I knew you wouldn’t get a whole lot out of it yet this year, but you will grow to enjoy it.  As we predicted, despite spending the entire day outside in the rain, you were a dream, taking only a twenty minute power nap halfway through the day and smiling for the rest! Not even the loud, powerful steam engine bothered you.  You took it all in stride.


Riding the train!

In other news, while we were at Nana and Poppa’s, we dropped the Dreamfeed just before your 8 month birthday. The first night, you slept straight through til 6:30am.  I was so excited! Now that we’re back home, though, you continue to wake once or twice in the night, and I’m not sure why, other than wondering if you may be too cold down in the basement.  Once again, we eagerly await the finishing of our basement so you can move upstairs to your very own room! I am also wondering if you are teething, and occasionally I will give you your paci if you won’t settle, and that sometimes helps.  You like to chew on it excessively.

You are eating a lot more table food now and only the occasional puree. You are so good at it now, I have stopped worrying so irrationally about you choking.  I try to make sure you at least get breakfast and dinner with the family, and lunch when we get the chance,  but usually lunch is too hectic trying to get you two down for your naps.  Speaking of naps, let’s just say this is not your best napping stage.  You are going for an average of two 45 minute naps most days.  But, in keeping with your overall sunny disposition, you are still full of smiles even when you are super tired.

Milestones of the month include you scooting (mostly backwards) considerably further than you ever have, and also successfully raising yourself up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  You are very close to crawling!

You’re growing up so fast, my girl! Some days I wish I could just freeze time where it is.  You and your brother bring so much joy to our home–I can only imagine how much more joy we will have as we continue to watch you grow!

With Aunt Amy at our Olympics Party


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  1. Posted by Lindsey G on September 6, 2012 at 2:57 am

    So fun to read your updates on Ellie since Carson and her are the same age… we’re at many similar stages…. scooting backwards, rocking on all fours, 45 minute naps… 🙂 now if I could just drop the dreamfeed. Tried twice now (once cold turkey and that didn’t work, then weaning him off it and then he hit a growth spurt…) so surely 3rd time will work! 🙂


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