Follow Up to my Last Post

I hope to write in more detail later, but for now, I simply wanted to quickly share the latest on Jeshuah as a follow up on my last post. We spoke with Dr. Newhouse about the recurrence of some of the autistic spectrum disorder symptoms, particularly the sensory issues. He reminded me that, while Jeshuah’s initial adjustment to align his atlas completely and totally removed all symptoms immediately, his body will never function completely “normally” like other people’s. He will always have a “weakness,” much like a sprained ankle. While a sprain will heal, there will always be a weakness there. It will never be able to bear as much weight and vigor as an ankle that has not been previously injured.

This is how Jeshuah is. His system has sustained damage that, while it can be “healed” and we can see troublesome symptoms regress or even fully disappear, his system will always be prone to falling back into symptoms without proper care and maintenance. This is why it is so very important for him that we watch carefully what we put into his body. This is why eating purposefully and avoiding harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and processed foods, is especially important for him. The severe constipation he has experienced for months is a result of his intestines not working properly. (Hence, why the GAPS diet would be so much more beneficial for him! Oh, Lord, maybe some day…). I have been really lenient on his foods lately, partially because we are not in a place financially to be able to be very “picky” about what he eats, and partially because I hate being the mom who is always saying, “Oh, no, he can’t have that!”

Anyway, this was supposed to be long story short…Suffice it to say, we have put him on some specific supplements to help his system function better, and we have seen a marked difference in his symptoms in the last week. It is so marked, that when I forget to give him his de-hist three times a day, his symptoms are so strong again, he can barely even play with his toys. The days that I give him all of his supplements, we see little to no autistic symptoms.

It honestly seems like nothing short of miraculous. How can such a severe problem be fixed so simply? And how can the world at large still deny the possible causes and cures when the effects are so obvious?

More later…:-)

PS-Just to clarify, though, I do understand that what has helped Jeshuah does not necessarily help everyone with ASD.  Each person is different and responds differently to treatments.  I also believe that the causes of ASD are wide-ranging and there is not a cure-all.  That being said, though, I believe chiropractic care could drastically help a large number of people.


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